Owing to our regular cooperation with other transport providers we are able to guarantee optimal route planning and maximal use of load capacity. We organize our transport solutions in a flexible, reliable as well as timely manner- our deliveries are always on time. If you want to send any goods abroad, we are here to help you. We take care of our clients’ businesses by providing really professional and fair services

  • International inland transport
    We are active all over Europe. We go there where we are needed.
  • Transportation of full or partial loads
    Depending on the needs of our clients, we offer transportation of full or partial loads.
  • Transport of furniture and wooden items
    For those who want to transport furniture or wooden items, we offer a special system for securing sensitive goods.
  • Transport of animal by- products of 3rd category
    We are able to transport safely the animal by- products of 3rd category as we have special transport means suitable for such services.
  • Transport of paper
    Owing to special security means we can transport big rolls of paper.
  • Transport of industrial and agricultural machines
    We have practical experience in transporting various types of machines from fork lifts to agricultural tractors.

The base of our family company is a well-qualified, well-informed , highly motivated and experienced staff. The key of our success are the drivers who not only have exceptional driving skills but also are very good at car maintenance that contributes substantially to high effectiveness of our services. Our special concern is constant development of our services and their high quality has been of our interest for many years. We have obtained this by the power of our personal engagement and flexibility.

We are looking for regular orders from England.

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